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Update Freenas to

The new point update version of Freenas has now been released to update Freenas to As usual with Freenas, the whole process only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Note:  The system automatically reboots itself after the update … Continue reading

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Installing MySQL in a FreeNAS Jail

Installing MYSQL in a FreeNAS Jail I’ve received a couple of emails asking me if I’d also had experience of installing MySQL in a FreeNAS jail.  I have installed MariaDB, a drop in replacement for MySQL written by some the same developers … Continue reading

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Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS

Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS I have been using Stylite‘s eGroupware system for about a year now. Previously it was installed on an old laptop running OpenSuse (x86). One of my tasks after installing FreeNAS was to transfer the system from … Continue reading

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Painless FreeNas 9.2 upgrade

Just before Christmas, iXsystems released version 9.2 of their FreeNAS system. The release notes (here) give a list of the new and improved features.  In the past I’ve always found the upgrades to be a quick and painless process. iXsystems … Continue reading

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Installing postfix in freenas jail

As part of my occasional series of how I used my FreeNAS server as the heart of my home network, I decided to transfer my mail/IMAP server from a standalone Linux box to a FreeNAS jail. Linux Configuration This machine … Continue reading

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Installing Plex on FreeNas

I was using miniDLNA on FreeNas, but several days ago I saw that the Plex media server was available as a plug-in.  (Actually there are quite a few extra plug-ins available) Plex has received a lot of good reviews and … Continue reading

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The evolution of my system Part 2.

Name Server and DNS Before installing the FreeNas server, the DNS and DHCP service was running on my Linux desktop as this tends to be left running continuously. The service has a very light foot print in terms of storage … Continue reading

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