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Create a PostgreSQL jail in Freenas 11 using iocage

This tutorial covers creating a jail to run postgresql in a jail using the iocage commands. IX Systems  introduced the iocage jail management system to replace the warden based system. I’m running Freenas 11.1. which still has the Warden method … Continue reading

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Update Freenas to

The new point update version of Freenas has now been released to update Freenas to As usual with Freenas, the whole process only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Note:  The system automatically reboots itself after the update … Continue reading

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Installing MySQL in a FreeNAS Jail

Installing MYSQL in a FreeNAS Jail I’ve received a couple of emails asking me if I’d also had experience of installing MySQL in a FreeNAS jail.  I have installed MariaDB, a drop in replacement for MySQL written by some the same developers … Continue reading

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Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS

Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS I have been using Stylite‘s eGroupware system for about a year now. Previously it was installed on an old laptop running OpenSuse (x86). One of my tasks after installing FreeNAS was to transfer the system from … Continue reading

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