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Create a PostgreSQL jail in Freenas 11 using iocage

This tutorial covers creating a jail to run PostgreSQL in a jail using the iocage commands.

IX Systems  introduced the iocage jail management system to replace the warden based system. I’m running FreeNAS 11.1. which still has the Warden method in the web interface, however the iocage framework is available if you are prepared to use the command line.

Before starting, a couple of caveats:

  1. FreeNAS is a NAS, not a general purpose, or dedicated database server. I use this on a small system to support a couple of small apps which need a “proper” database back-end. It also gives a small personal database server to for small dev tasks.
  2. Follow these instructions at your own risk

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Update Freenas to

The new point update version of Freenas has now been released to update Freenas to

As usual with Freenas, the whole process only takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Note:  The system automatically reboots itself after the update is applied, so make sure that the system can be restarted (i.e.  there are no active users on it) before you start this process.

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Installing MySQL in a FreeNAS Jail

Installing MYSQL in a FreeNAS Jail

I’ve received a couple of emails asking me if I’d also had experience of installing MySQL in a FreeNAS jail.  I have installed MariaDB, a drop in replacement for MySQL written by some the same developers who gave us MySQL.

Reading through the documentation that comes with MariaDB, I can’t see any reason why the process here would be any different for MySQL, but if you do follow these instructions substituting MySQL for MariaDB, you will need to make sure you understand your own system before starting.

A comparison of the features of MariaDB and MySQL can be found at

Having said that, the process for placing MariaDB on a FreeNAS system is very straightforward.

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Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS

Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS

I have been using Stylite‘s eGroupware system for about a year now. Previously it was installed on an old laptop running OpenSuse (x86). One of my tasks after installing FreeNAS was to transfer the system from here to a jail.

The last few releases of FreeNAS have made installing additional systems easier with its jail architecture and I thought it would be a good opportunity to remove one more piece of hardware and take advantage of my FreeNAS box.

eGroupware itself is a very easy to use system. Like FreeNAS itself, it is released as both paid-for/supported versions, and a community edition. It’s an easy to use system, and the demands it makes are minimal. It connects to a range of IMAP and database systems. Continue reading Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS