Replacing Bryton Heart Monitor Strap with a Polar SoftStrap

Replacing a Broken Bryton Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Strap with a Polar SoftStrap

My Bryton Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) has had a lot of use, but the last time I removed the sensor from the  strap , one of the button clips came away from the strap with the ANT+ module.

Bryton ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor (reverse view)You can see on the left hand clip the part from the strap.  The rivet had broken, and looking at the strap I couldn’t see how to replace it.

The Polar Soft Strap

Reading that the Polar soft strap fitted the Garmin HRM and could be used as a replacement for that,  I looked at the Polar strap and the buttons on the strap looked as though they were the same distance as the Bryton model. (See the post on for details about the polar strap and Garmin HRM.  I’d  recommend spending some time exploring this sire if your into training and tech.)

The Polar strap is also quite cheap.  On Amazon, it retails for around £13, so it was worth a shot.

Polar soft strap Heart Rate Monitor HRM fitting
Close up of the snap fit button with protective plastic sheath

When I got the strap however it has a protective plastic sheath around the dome fitting.  The recess in the back of the Bryton HRM is too small to fit.

However the  fitting itself looked as though it was the same size as the HRM. So  I got a sharp knife and carefully removed the top 2mm of the sheath to expose the dome.

Here is the picture showing the two domes, one with the plastic sheath removed to expose the top of the button.

Polar SoftStrap Strap with rubber cut away
The strap with one rubber surround removed

You can see the rubber surround  is about a 1mm thick.

With a sharp knife, carefully cut away.  The rubber is quite hard to get though, so I found going around a few times was the easiest and then I used a pair of needle nose pliers to pull the rubber away from the surround once the cut was made.

Closeup showing strap after removing the rubber surround
Polar SoftStrap with the rubber surrounds removed

The rubber surround removed with the scalpel I used. You will need a very sharp knife to cleanly cut through.

Bryton Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) fitted to the  Polar strap
Bryton HRM attached to the Polar SoftStrap

The HRM fitted onto the strap. The rubber presses against the back of the HRM so the fit is firm.


Bryton Heart Rate Monitor (HRM)  fitted to the Polar strap
Bryton HRM attached to the Polar SoftStrap

Another view of the strap and HRM.

I popped in a new battery and put the strap on.  It immediately paired with my Garmin Edge 800.

2 thoughts on “Replacing Bryton Heart Monitor Strap with a Polar SoftStrap

  1. Superb !!!! Fantastic !!! Great !!!
    I am getting ready for a time trial and I am in desperate need of my heart rate monitor right now, more than ever. However, I ran into exactly the same problem as you: my clip broke off as well !!
    I had already tried to fit my Bryton sensor on my old Polar strap but just could not get it to fit. You had analysed the problem perfectly well so now I can get back on my bike and go for gold.

    Thnx, Douwe

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