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Painless FreeNas 9.2 upgrade

Just before Christmas, iXsystems released version 9.2 of their FreeNAS system.

The release notes (here) give a list of the new and improved features.  In the past I’ve always found the upgrades to be a quick and painless process. iXsystems and the FreeNAS community have a reputation for delivering rock-solid releases, so I have no hesitation in moving my storage to the latest release when then move from the RC status to a full release version.

I use the GUI updater, so I don’t need to have physical access to the FreeNas server itself. Continue reading Painless FreeNas 9.2 upgrade

Installing postfix in freenas jail

As part of my occasional series of how I used my FreeNAS server as the heart of my home network, I decided to transfer my mail/IMAP server from a standalone Linux box to a FreeNAS jail.

Linux Configuration

This machine is only serving as the mail server, so it needs a minimal install with sufficient packages to support mail. It doesn’t need the overhead of running X sessions.

  • Linux: OpenSUSE 12.3
  • Postfix
  • Dovecot
  • Apache server
  • postfixadmin
  • eGroupware
  • fetchmail
  • PHP and perl support
  • Some support tools such as the PostgresQL command-line client

The hardware running this is an old laptop (circa 2005) with a fairly modest specification (by today’s standards).  An Intel Celeron processor, 700Mb memory and a 60MB HDD with a 100Mbit ethernet connection.  However, looking at the load on this system, it is spending most of it’s time idle.  The backend PostgresQL database used by postfix and the groupware product is already sitting in another FreeNAS jail. Continue reading Installing postfix in freenas jail

Installing Plex on FreeNas

I was using miniDLNA on FreeNas, but several days ago I saw that the Plex media server was available as a plug-in.  (Actually there are quite a few extra plug-ins available)


Plex has received a lot of good reviews and it looked like a smooth way of serving out about 100GB+ of  assorted media that is sitting around on my FreeNas.

Continue reading Installing Plex on FreeNas