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Create a PostgreSQL jail in Freenas 11 using iocage

This tutorial covers creating a jail to run PostgreSQL in a jail using the iocage commands.

IX Systems  introduced the iocage jail management system to replace the warden based system. I’m running FreeNAS 11.1. which still has the Warden method in the web interface, however the iocage framework is available if you are prepared to use the command line.

Before starting, a couple of caveats:

  1. FreeNAS is a NAS, not a general purpose, or dedicated database server. I use this on a small system to support a couple of small apps which need a “proper” database back-end. It also gives a small personal database server to for small dev tasks.
  2. Follow these instructions at your own risk

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Installing Plex on FreeNas

I was using miniDLNA on FreeNas, but several days ago I saw that the Plex media server was available as a plug-in.  (Actually there are quite a few extra plug-ins available)


Plex has received a lot of good reviews and it looked like a smooth way of serving out about 100GB+ of  assorted media that is sitting around on my FreeNas.

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