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Replacing Bryton Heart Monitor Strap with a Polar SoftStrap

Replacing a Broken Bryton Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Strap with a Polar SoftStrap

My Bryton Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) has had a lot of use, but the last time I removed the sensor from the  strap , one of the button clips came away from the strap with the ANT+ module.

Bryton ANT+ Heart Rate Monitor (reverse view)You can see on the left hand clip the part from the strap.  The rivet had broken, and looking at the strap I couldn’t see how to replace it. Continue reading Replacing Bryton Heart Monitor Strap with a Polar SoftStrap

A Simple way to blocking adverts

Blocking adverts

Advertising is found on most sites. Blocking advertising is more of a comfort issue, than an attempt to secure my privacy – although it does do that to some extent also. Some sites (including many WordPress sites) display adverts in an unobtrusive way, and show adverts related to the site content. Other sites are more like a fairground, sounds, flashing lights, pop-up windows which detract from the site. Finally there is targeted advertising – the technique of tracking your own web history to push adverts to you.

Continue reading A Simple way to blocking adverts

Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS

Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS

I have been using Stylite‘s eGroupware system for about a year now. Previously it was installed on an old laptop running OpenSuse (x86). One of my tasks after installing FreeNAS was to transfer the system from here to a jail.

The last few releases of FreeNAS have made installing additional systems easier with its jail architecture and I thought it would be a good opportunity to remove one more piece of hardware and take advantage of my FreeNAS box.

eGroupware itself is a very easy to use system. Like FreeNAS itself, it is released as both paid-for/supported versions, and a community edition. It’s an easy to use system, and the demands it makes are minimal. It connects to a range of IMAP and database systems. Continue reading Installing eGroupware on FreeNAS

Ripping CDs to FLAC format (on Linux)

I’ve several hundred CDs which I’m in the process of (re)ripping to the FLAC audio format from the current mix of mp3 and ogg format files.

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec) is a high quality audio codec. Unlike mp3 or ogg encodings which reduce the bit rates and provide a measure of filtering on the outlying frequencies, FLAC provides a compressed lossless encoding of your music.  (You could think of this like the difference between a zip file, which compresses the files inside them, but allows you to get the original back, and JPG encoding for photos. When you shrink an image using jpg , information is lost, so you can’t expand it back to the original size with the same quality). Continue reading Ripping CDs to FLAC format (on Linux)