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My Simple Bread Recipe

My Simple Bread Recipe This is the basic recipe I finally settled on. It’s  a simple and quick to make bread recipe that makes a good general purpose sandwich or toast loaf.  It is also quite forgiving with the quantities.  … Continue reading

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Making Bread, trying again

Having tried to make bread once years ago, and ending up with something hard and tasteless, I gave up and decided that bread making was probably not one of my strengths. However, recently I was browsing the flour section of … Continue reading

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Replacing Bryton Heart Monitor Strap with a Polar SoftStrap

Replacing a Broken Bryton Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Strap with a Polar SoftStrap My Bryton Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) has had a lot of use, but the last time I removed the sensor from the  strap , one of the … Continue reading

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Comparing Heart Rate Zones and Rate of Perceived Exertion Zones

Comparing HR Zones and RPE Zones When preparing my training sessions on the turbo, all workouts and articles emphasise the importance of training in the correct zone in order to get the most benefit. Using a heart rate monitor and … Continue reading

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Supplemental summer turbo training

More Turbo Training Videos Even though it is now spring and the weather is getting better, using the turbo trainer in summer  can still pay dividends.  Introducing some supplemental training provides an easy way to focus on specific areas of … Continue reading

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HeartBleed Bug: Password Change

Since this bug came to light, there has been a lot written about it in both the popular and technical press (& blogs, websites etc).  A simple search (for example on will bring up pages of technical details. From … Continue reading

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Update Freenas to

The new point update version of Freenas has now been released to update Freenas to As usual with Freenas, the whole process only takes about 5 minutes to complete. Note:  The system automatically reboots itself after the update … Continue reading

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