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My Simple Bread Recipe

My Simple Bread Recipe

This is the basic recipe I finally settled on. It’s  a simple and quick to make bread recipe that makes a good general purpose sandwich or toast loaf.  It is also quite forgiving with the quantities.  I’ve also found it makes a good base for fruit bread or sun-dried tomatoes. You can make it with white flour, but my preference is to use half white & half wholemeal flour.

When I started, I found following a recipe takes quite a lot for granted (for example, how to knead bread, what the texture should feel like, how the dough will feel to your hands, what the yeast would look like), so this is part recipe, part full description of the process.  I hope this helps you.

I’ve put the shortened version of the recipe at the end, so you can skip all the verbiage if you just want the recipe. Continue reading My Simple Bread Recipe

Making Bread, trying again

Having tried to make bread once years ago, and ending up with something hard and tasteless, I gave up and decided that bread making was probably not one of my strengths.

However, recently I was browsing the flour section of the local supermarket (as you do), and looking at all the types of bread flour, I decided to forget my previous failure and try again. Picking up the cheapest own-brand white flour, I saw it had a simple recipe on the side which looked pretty fool-proof.  So hurriedly throwing it into my shopping basket, along with a small tin of dried active yeast, I made my way to the check out. Continue reading Making Bread, trying again

Celebration Cake (Alternative Christmas Cake)

I first came across this celebration cake as an alternative Christmas cake for diabetics.  (The portion details are given below.)

The only sugars in this are in the fruit.  If you’re used to very sweet Christmas cakes,. then this might taste a little odd, but once you’ve got used to the taste of the fruit without the mouth-cloying sugary confections that are usually passed as Christmas cakes, it’s hard to go back.

I have been told that this can be made dairy-free if margarine is used instead of butter.   However I have not tried this variant, so I can’t attest to its taste.

Portion Sizes

This cake makes 64 equal servings.

Each serving provides approximately: 1.5 Carbohydrate choices, 0.5 fat & oil choice, 13g carbohydrate1.5g fat2g dietary fibre71 kcal (100kj).

Continue reading Celebration Cake (Alternative Christmas Cake)