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HeartBleed Bug: Password Change

Since this bug came to light, there has been a lot written about it in both the popular and technical press (& blogs, websites etc).  A simple search (for example on will bring up pages of technical details. From … Continue reading

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5 tips to secure your broadband wireless router

 Secure your home broadband wireless router Wireless is everywhere now.  Virtually all home broadband routers come with WiFi built-in and 90% are enabled by default with standard passwords. Here are my 5 tips for securing your home broadband wireless router. … Continue reading

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A Simple way to blocking adverts

Blocking adverts Advertising is found on most sites. Blocking advertising is more of a comfort issue, than an attempt to secure my privacy – although it does do that to some extent also. Some sites (including many WordPress sites) display … Continue reading

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Adding anonymous searching to your browser

Anonymous Searching Every time you use a search engine like Google or Bing, a record of your IP address is kept. Every computer connected to the internet requires an address to connect, and tools exist which expose your geographic location … Continue reading

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Some techniques for protecting your privacy online

Protecting your privacy Over the last year, more and more people have become aware of the privacy issues and the amount of tracking that The use of tracking can help provide more targeted services and products to you, but the … Continue reading

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Securing your browsing using HTTPS Everywhere

Securing your browsing I would recommend that this is the first thing you do as part of securing your internet habits. What this does is try to make sure that all communication between you and the website that you are … Continue reading

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