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HeartBleed Bug: Password Change

Since this bug came to light, there has been a lot written about it in both the popular and technical press (& blogs, websites etc).  A simple search (for example on will bring up pages of technical details.

From a practical point of view,  the most important advice is change your passwords.  However, before doing this make sure that the site have verified that they have addressed the bug. There’s no point in going through the exercise of changing a password on vulnerable site as the protections are not in place so a bit of forward planning is crucial.

 Take a systematic approach to changing passwords

If you’ve been using the internet for any length of time (over a week), you will have probably registered on at least one  site.  If you’ve been using it any longer, you’ll have registered on multiple sites.

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A Simple way to blocking adverts

Blocking adverts

Advertising is found on most sites. Blocking advertising is more of a comfort issue, than an attempt to secure my privacy – although it does do that to some extent also. Some sites (including many WordPress sites) display adverts in an unobtrusive way, and show adverts related to the site content. Other sites are more like a fairground, sounds, flashing lights, pop-up windows which detract from the site. Finally there is targeted advertising – the technique of tracking your own web history to push adverts to you.

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Adding anonymous searching to your browser

Anonymous Searching

Every time you use a search engine like Google or Bing, a record of your IP address is kept. Every computer connected to the internet requires an address to connect, and tools exist which expose your geographic location from your IP address. Sometimes this could be detailed enough to individually identify you, other times it may be enough to just locate your approximate area. The linking of search terms to your IP address also provides a link between your interests or thoughts. Again to use the library analogy, this is akin to someone reading over your shoulder all the time.

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