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My own domain? Why should I get one?

A friend was asking me about my email address ( and wanted to know why I hadn’t just stuck with my gmail address or ISP-provided email address.

As we were in a rush, and the question was tangential to the task at hand, I told him I’d have a think about it and get back to him.

Types of address

I would classify email addresses into 4 broad groups:

  1. Work addresses: This will be something along the lines of
    This has a lifetime of your employment with Mega Corp Inter Solar. When you leave, you email address will probably be de-activated.
  2. Free Addresses: These are your gmail,hotmail and yahoo type addresses. These are fine for personal contacts, and as contact addresses for websites and mailing lists.
  3. Vanity Addresses: I use this term to cover addresses for domains you own, but are named like or
  4. Your Own Domain: This is identical to the both the work and vanity address-type address, but is not looks more like an organisation or business and is not (obviously) tied to an individual (or family).

Pros and cons of each type of address

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