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Even though it is now spring and the weather is getting better, using the turbo trainer in summer  can still pay dividends.  Introducing some supplemental training provides an easy way to focus on specific areas of technique or to gain some quick interval training.

As I wrote in a previous post,  I didn’t really start to get the benefits of the turbo training until I bought some training videos from 3LC Cycling, Success Cycling and the (in)famous SufferFest.

These got me through the winter months and kept my fitness at acceptable level during the dark nights and bad weather, but even though I’m out on the roads more, I still have my trainer bike set up, and I thought “why not use this over summer also?”.

This time I decided to look on YouTube in order to mix my sessions up a bit.  I was pleased to find a number of well thought out and well made videos.

Turbo Training videos on YouTube

A quick search on YouTube threw up a lot of links to training videos – some are short promos for full length products, but there is also a good selection of full sessions.  These cater for all tastes  (or needs) and go from from guided gym sessions to  road videos.

One series I found is that produced by the Global Cycling Network (GCN). They have videos ranging from 20 minute high intensity interval training to hour long sessions, so locating a video to fit in with your time constraints is easy.

You can find these easily by searching for these (or click on this: of visiting their home channel.  (You can also follow GCN on Twitter. )

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, CTXCvideos have a YouTube Channel with some workouts also. If you just search for the CTXCvideo channel, you’ll be overwhelmed with lots of small clips, but for a 45 minute ride around Melboune, this one is worth a look. These have easy to read graphics and countdowns to the start of each section of the training.

I’m going to hold some of these  longer videos in reserve for next winter, but the focussed shorter ones provide great summer supplemental training.

My favourite GCN videos are these two short (brutal) sessions

I purposely chose these shorter sessions because in the warmer weather I consumed up to double the amount of water during a session and preventing overheating becomes more of an issue.


Turbo training is hot thirsty work.  If you do use a turbo in summer you must remember to keep yourself properly hydrated and cooled.

If in doubt, ease off the session.  It’s not a race.  The goal is to improve your fitness, not ride yourself into hospital.

When training, you (and you alone) have the responsibility to assess your own limits and listen to your body’s condition.

If you are in any doubt about your physical condition and ability to engage in any strenuous physical activity, consult your family GP or medical practitioner.



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